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Old School Runescape Clue Scroll Anagrams

Clue Scroll Anagram challenges are challenges which a NPC will give you a word or phrase and you will need re-order the letters to find the solution

anagram challenges are available within beginner, medium, hard, elite and master clue scrolls

Beginner Clue Scroll Anagrams

An EarlRanaelAl Kharid skirt shop
Carpet AhoyApothecarySouth-west Varrock
DisorderSedridorWizards Tower basement
I CordDoricNorth of Falador
In BarBrianSarim battleaxe shop
Rain CoveVeronicaOutside Draynor Manor
Rug DeterGertrudeWest of Varrock, south of the Cooks Guild
In BarBrianWest of Varrock, south of the Cooks Guild
Sir Share RedHairdresserWestern Falador
Taunt RoofFortunatoDraynor Village Market

Medium Clue Scroll Anagrams

AnagramSolutionLocationChallenge Answer
A BAKERBaraekVarrock Square (fur trader)5
A BASSabaFound in the cave on the path towards the Death Plateau west of Burthorpe.None
A BASIC ANTI POTCaptain TobiasPort Sarim6
AHA JARJaraahThe hospital of the Duel Arena.None
A HEARTArethaSoul altar2
ARC O LINECarolineNorth Witchaven next to the row boat. After the Sea Slug quest, she is found wandering the coast.11
AREA CHEF TREKFather AereckFound in the church in Lumbridge.19
ARE COLOracleThe peak of Ice Mountain west of Edgeville.48
ARMCHAIR THE PELTCharlie the TrampNext to the south entrance of Varrock.0
BAIL TRIMSBrimstailIn the cave west of the Stronghold Slayer Cave entrance in the Tree Gnome Stronghold.None
CALAMARI MADE MUDMadame CaldariumNext to a spa in the Corsair Cove.6
CLASH IONNicholasMost north-eastern point of Port Piscarilius, north of the fishing shop.4
DT RUN BBrundt the ChieftainRellekka, inside the main hall.4
EEK ZERO OPZoo keeperArdougne Zoo40
EL OWLoweVarrock archery storeNone
GOBLETS ODD TOESOtto GodblessedSouth of the Barbarian Outpost, in Otto's Grotto.2
GOBLIN KERNKing BolrenTree Gnome Village, next to the Spirit Tree.None
GOT A BOYGabootyCentre of Tai Bwo Wannai.11
HALT USLuthasThe owner of the banana plantation on Musa Point (Karamja).None
HEORICEohricBurthorpe Castle, top floor.36
HICK JETJethickTown square of West Ardougne.38
HIS PHORHorphisArceuus Library1
I AM SIRMarisiMarisi is a farmer found in the allotment patch located within Hosidius.5
ICY FEFycieRantz's cave, south-east of Gu'Tanoth and far eastern portion of Feldip Hills (near the coast, north-east of gnome glider and aks).None
I DOOM ICON INNDominic OnionNightmare Zone9
I EVENNieveThe slayer master in Gnome Stronghold.2
KAY SIRSir KayThe courtyard in Camelot Castle.6
LARK IN DOGKing RoaldGround floor of Varrock Palace.24
LEAKEYKayleeRising Sun Inn in Falador.18
LOW LAGGallowVinery in Hosidius.12
ME IFFemiJust outside the gates of Tree Gnome Stronghold.None
NOD MEDEdmondBehind the most north-western house in East Ardougne.3
OK COCookGround floor of Lumbridge Castle.9
PACINNG A TAIECaptain GineaEast of the War Tent in the Shayzien Encampment.113
PEAK REFLEXFlax keeperFlax field south of Seers' Village.676
PEATY PERTParty PeteFalador Party RoomNone
QUE SIRSquireFalador Castle Courtyard654
R AK MIKarimAl Kharid kebab shop just south of the furnace.5
RATAITariaRimmington bush patch7
R SLICERClerrisArceuus essence mine738
SAND NUTDunstanAnvil in north-eastern Burthorpe.8
TAMED ROCKSDockmasterPort Piscarilius, building north-east of the general store.5
THICKNOHicktonHickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby. Second house east of the bank.2
UESNKRL NRIEDDODrunken soldierThe Cloak and Stagger tavern in Shayzien.598
VESTESteveBy the entrance to the Stronghold Slayer Cave.2

Hard Clue Scroll Anagrams

AnagramSolutionLocationChallenge Answer
Baker ClimbBrambickleLocated on Trollweiss Mountain.Puzzle box
Blue Grim GuidedLumbridge GuideJust outside of Lumbridge Castle.Puzzle box
By LookBolkoyIn the Tree Gnome Village general store.13
C On Game HocGnome CoachWalking around outside the Gnome Ball course, west of the Grand Tree.6
Copper Ore CryptsProspector PercyMotherlode Mine, a pickaxe is needed to reach him.12
Darn DrakeDaer KrandUpstairs in the eastern wing of the Sisterhood Sanctuary, just north of the The Nightmare's arena.Puzzle box
DekagramDark mageCentre of the inner ring of the Abyss.13
Do Say MoreDoomsayerEast of Lumbridge Castle, near the Lumbridge Guide.95
Dragons LamentStrange Old ManGravedigger at the Barrows.40
Dr Warden FunkDrunken DwarfIn Keldagrim, east side in the house with broken glass.Puzzle box
MotherboardBrother OmadMonastery south of Ardougne.129
My Mangle LalLammy LangleHosidius spirit tree patchPuzzle box
O Birdz A Zany En PcCap'n Izzy no BeardEntrance of the Brimhaven Agility Arena.33
Quit Horrible TyrantBrother TranquilityMos Le'Harmless or Harmony Island7
Rat Mat WithinMartin ThwaitRogues' Den2
Slide WomanWise Old ManDraynor Village28
Veil VedaEvil DaveDown the trapdoor in the house directly west of Edgeville bank. where the evil rats are located for the Recipe for Disaster quest.(Requires completion of Shadow of the Storm quest to open the trapdoor.)(On Examine: A clue suggested by Marfn.)666
Woo An Egg KiwiKing AwowogeiMust have at least partially completed Monkey Madness I. Located in the building south of the Ape Atoll Teleport. Remember to bring a Karamjan monkey greegree and an M'speak amulet unless the player has competed Monkey Madness II. Talk to the Elder Guard to gain entrance.24

Elite Clue Scroll Anagrams

AnagramSolutionLocationChallenge Answer
At HergRegathSouth-eastern corner of Arceuus in the General Store.25
Career In MoonOneiromancerAstral altar on Lunar Isle.25
Cool NerdOld CroneEast of the Slayer Tower.619
Dr HitmanMandrithOutside the Wilderness Resource Area.28
Ladder Memo GuvGuard VemmeldoBank east of the Stronghold Slayer Cave.3
Machete ClamCam the CamelJust outside the gates of the Duel Arena, Camulet not required.6
Majors Lava Bads AirAmbassador AlvijarNorth-east Dorgesh-Kaan, middle floor2505
No OwnerOronwenLletya Seamstress shop in Lletya.20
Our Own NeedsNurse WoonedInfirmary in the Shayzien Encampment.16
Snakes So I SailLisse IsaaksonNeitiznot2
Unleash Night MistSigli the HuntsmanRellekka302

Master Clue Scroll Anagrams

AnagramSolutionLocationChallenge Answer
A Elf KnowsSnowflakeWeissLight box or puzzle box.
Brucie CatnapCaptain BruceGreat KourendLight box or puzzle box.
Car If IcesSacrificeZul-Andra, on the dock near Priestess Zul-Gwenwynig.Light box or puzzle box.
Ded WarEdwardInside Rogues' CastleLight box or puzzle box.
Dim TharnMandrithOutside the Wilderness Resource Area.Light box or Puzzle box
Duo PlugDugopulGraveyard on Ape Atoll, south of Awowogei's throne room.Light box or puzzle box.
ForlunRunolfMiscellania and Etceteria DungeonLight box or puzzle box.
Im N ZezimImmenizzThe impling inside Puro-Puro.Light box or puzzle box.
Mal in TauLuminataEast of the Burgh de Rott entrance, in town.Light box or puzzle box.
Mold La RanOld Man RalMeiyerditchLight box or puzzle box.
Mus Kil ReaderRadimusErkleLegends' GuildLight box or puzzle box.
Rip MaulPrimulaMyths' GuildLight box or puzzle box.
Rue GoGoreuLletyaLight box or puzzle box.
Slam Duster GrailGuildmaster LarsWoodcutting Guild in Hosidius.Light box or puzzle box.
Ten Wigs OnWingstoneBetween Nardah and the Agility Pyramid.Light box or puzzle box.
Twenty Cure IronNew Recruit TonyGraveyard of Heroes in Shayzien.Light box or puzzle box

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