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This old school runescape crafting calculator will help you plan your way from 1-99 crafting with various osrs crafting training methods
If you would like an in-depth guide for Crafting we recommend osrsguides' Crafting guide
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Current Experience:

Target Experience:

Experience remaining: 13,034,430

Experience Modifiers:

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Members Iconis members only

1Ball of wool 3NaN
1Leather gloves 14NaN
1OpalMembers Icon15NaN
1Molten glassMembers Icon20NaN
1Beer glassMembers Icon18NaN
1Pot 13NaN
1Opal ringMembers Icon10NaN
4Empty candle lanternMembers Icon19NaN
5Gold ring 15NaN
5Bird houseMembers Icon15NaN
6Gold necklace 20NaN
7Leather boots 16NaN
7Gold braceletMembers Icon25NaN
7Pie dish 25NaN
8Gold amulet (u) 30NaN
8Bowl 33NaN
9Leather cowl 19NaN
10Bow stringMembers Icon15NaN
10Crossbow stringMembers Icon15NaN
10Strip of clothMembers Icon38NaN
10Monkey Tail - Extract SinewMembers Icon15NaN
11Leather vambraces 22NaN
12Empty oil lampMembers Icon25NaN
13JadeMembers Icon20NaN
13Jade ringMembers Icon32NaN
14Leather body 25NaN
14Xerician hatMembers Icon66NaN
15Oak bird houseMembers Icon20NaN
15Blood'n'tar snelm (pointed)Members Icon33NaN
15Blood'n'tar snelm (round)Members Icon33NaN
15Broken bark snelmMembers Icon33NaN
15Bruise blue snelm (pointed)Members Icon33NaN
15Bruise blue snelm (round)Members Icon33NaN
15Myre snelm (pointed)Members Icon33NaN
15Myre snelm (round)Members Icon33NaN
15Ochre snelm (pointed)Members Icon33NaN
15Ochre snelm (round)Members Icon33NaN
15Crab helmetMembers Icon33NaN
15Crab clawMembers Icon33NaN
16Red topazMembers Icon25NaN
16Unstrung symbol 50NaN
16Opal necklaceMembers Icon35NaN
16Topaz ringMembers Icon35NaN
17Unstrung emblemMembers Icon50NaN
17Xerician robeMembers Icon88NaN
18Silver sickel 50NaN
18Leather chaps 27NaN
19Magic stringMembers Icon30NaN
19Empty plant potMembers Icon38NaN
20Sapphire ring 40NaN
20Sapphire 50NaN
21Silver bolts (unf) 50NaN
21Empty sackMembers Icon38NaN
22Opal braceletMembers Icon45NaN
22Sapphire necklace 55NaN
22Xerician topMembers Icon110NaN
23Sapphire braceletMembers Icon60NaN
23Tiara 53NaN
24Sapphire amulet (u) 65NaN
25Jade necklaceMembers Icon54NaN
25Pot lidMembers Icon40NaN
25Willow bird houseMembers Icon25NaN
26Drift netMembers Icon55NaN
27Opal amulet (u)Members Icon55NaN
27Emerald ring 55NaN
27Emerald 68NaN
28Hardleather body 35NaN
29Jade braceletMembers Icon60NaN
29Emerald necklace 60NaN
30Emerald braceletMembers Icon65NaN
30RopeMembers Icon25NaN
31Emerald amulet (u) 70NaN
32Topaz necklaceMembers Icon70NaN
32Spiky vambracesMembers Icon6NaN
33VialMembers Icon35NaN
34Jade amulet (u)Members Icon70NaN
34Ruby ring 70NaN
34Ruby 85NaN
35Broodoo shieldMembers Icon100NaN
35Teak bird houseMembers Icon30NaN
36BasketMembers Icon56NaN
38Topaz braceletMembers Icon75NaN
38CoifMembers Icon37NaN
40Ruby necklace 75NaN
41Hard leather shield 70NaN
42Gold tiara 35NaN
42Ruby braceletMembers Icon80NaN
42FishbowlMembers Icon43NaN
43Diamond 108NaN
43Diamond ring 85NaN
43Yak-hide armour (legs)Members Icon32NaN
45Topaz amulet (u)Members Icon80NaN
45Snakeskin bootsMembers Icon30NaN
45Maple bird houseMembers Icon35NaN
46Yak-hide armour (top)Members Icon32NaN
46Unpowered orbMembers Icon53NaN
47Snakeskin vambracesMembers Icon35NaN
48Snakeskin bandanaMembers Icon45NaN
49Lantern lensMembers Icon55NaN
50Ruby amulet (u) 85NaN
50Mahogany bird houseMembers Icon40NaN
51Snakeskin chapsMembers Icon50NaN
53Snakeskin bodyMembers Icon55NaN
54Water battlestaffMembers Icon100NaN
55Dragonstone ringMembers Icon100NaN
55DragonstoneMembers Icon138NaN
56Snakeskin ShieldMembers Icon100NaN
56Diamond necklace 90NaN
57Green d'hide vambMembers Icon62NaN
58Diamond braceletMembers Icon95NaN
58Earth battlestaffMembers Icon113NaN
60Green d'hide chapsMembers Icon124NaN
60Yew bird houseMembers Icon45NaN
60Splitbark gauntletsMembers Icon62NaN
60Splitbark bootsMembers Icon62NaN
61Splitbark helmMembers Icon124NaN
62Fire battlestaffMembers Icon125NaN
62Green d'hide shieldMembers Icon124NaN
62Splitbark legsMembers Icon186NaN
62Splitbark bodyMembers Icon248NaN
63Green d'hide bodyMembers Icon186NaN
66Blue d'hide vambMembers Icon70NaN
66Air battlestaffMembers Icon138NaN
67Onyx ringMembers Icon115NaN
67OnyxMembers Icon168NaN
68Blue d'hide chapsMembers Icon140NaN
69Blue d'hide shieldMembers Icon140NaN
70Diamond amulet (u) 100NaN
70Celestial signetMembers Icon5,000NaN
70Crystal helmMembers Icon2,500NaN
71Blue d'hide bodyMembers Icon210NaN
72Dragon necklaceMembers Icon105NaN
72Crystal legsMembers Icon5,000NaN
73Red d'hide vambMembers Icon78NaN
74Dragonstone braceletMembers Icon110NaN
74Crystal bodyMembers Icon7,500NaN
75Slayer ring 15NaN
75Slayer ring (eternal) 15NaN
75Red d'hide chapsMembers Icon156NaN
75Magic bird houseMembers Icon50NaN
76Red d'hide shieldMembers Icon156NaN
76Crystal axeMembers Icon6,000NaN
76Crystal harpoonMembers Icon6,000NaN
76Crystal pickaxeMembers Icon6,000NaN
77Red d'hide bodyMembers Icon234NaN
78Crystal bowMembers Icon2,000NaN
78Crystal halberdMembers Icon2,000NaN
78Crystal shieldMembers Icon2,000NaN
79Black d'hide vambMembers Icon86NaN
80Dragonstone amulet (u)Members Icon150NaN
80Enhanced crystal keyMembers Icon500NaN
80Eternal teleport crystalMembers Icon5,000NaN
82Onyx necklaceMembers Icon120NaN
82Black d'hide chapsMembers Icon172NaN
82Blade of saeldorMembers Icon5,000NaN
82Bow of faerdhinenMembers Icon5,000NaN
82Blade of saeldor (c)Members Icon0NaN
82Bow of faerdhinen (c)Members Icon0NaN
83Amethyst bolt tipsMembers Icon60NaN
83Black d'hide shieldMembers Icon172NaN
84Black d'hide bodyMembers Icon258NaN
84Onyx braceletMembers Icon125NaN
85Amethyst arrowtipsMembers Icon60NaN
87Amethyst javelin headsMembers Icon60NaN
87Empty light orbMembers Icon70NaN
87Molten glass + Empty light orbMembers Icon90NaN
87Light orbMembers Icon104NaN
89Zenyte ringMembers Icon150NaN
89ZenyteMembers Icon200NaN
90Onyx amulet (u)Members Icon165NaN
90Redwood bird houseMembers Icon55NaN
92Zenyte necklaceMembers Icon165NaN
95Zenyte braceletMembers Icon180NaN
98Zenyte amulet (u)Members Icon200NaN

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