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Max House Planner For Old School Runescape

Ever wondered what the most optimal house layout is? A max house can be a massive quality of life improvement expecially for ironmen. This tool will help you plan out your house and see what the most optimal layout is.

Did you know you can get a max house with only 83 construction? It can take around 40 million gold to get to 83 construction but it is worth it!

Also a little known fact you can get the minimum load time of 2 game ticks with a 4x4 layout. This is the most optimal layout for a max house.

This is the layout we will be working with, you can slight change it but the house needs to be 4x4, have 1 room wide border, have no upstairs and no dungeon

House Layout

Notes / Tips:

  • 4x4 layout achieves minimum load times of 2 game ticks. Must have 1-room wide "border" along outside edges, and no upstairs / dungeon
  • Use POH viewer in house options to move & rotate rooms. Shift all rooms toward SW corner if outside grass is more than 1 roon wide.
  • Can stack invisible boost (crystal saw, +3) with visible boost (spicy stew, +5) to build objects 8 levels above yours.
  • Crystal saw only works with furniture that requires a saw (most except spirit tree, fairy ring, and new rooms)

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