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This old school runescape cooking calculator will help you plan your way from 1-99 cooking with various osrs cooking training methods
If you would like an in-depth guide for Cooking we recommend osrsguides' Cooking guide
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Experience remaining: 13,034,430

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Members Iconis members only

1Shrimps 30NaN
1Anchovies 30NaN
1Cooked chicken 30NaN
1Cooked meat 30NaN
1Cooked rabbitMembers Icon30NaN
1Sardine 40NaN
1Bread 40NaN
3SinewMembers Icon3NaN
5Herring 50NaN
6Fruit blastMembers Icon50NaN
7Guppy 12NaN
7Baked potatoMembers Icon15NaN
8Pineapple punchMembers Icon70NaN
9Spicy sauceMembers Icon24NaN
10MackerelMembers Icon60NaN
10Redberry pie 78NaN
10Toad crunchiesMembers Icon100NaN
11Chilli con carneMembers Icon55NaN
11Roast bird meatMembers Icon63NaN
12Thin snail meatMembers Icon70NaN
13Scrambled eggMembers Icon50NaN
14CiderMembers Icon182NaN
14Worm crunchiesMembers Icon104NaN
15Trout 70NaN
16Spider on stickMembers Icon80NaN
16Spider on shaftMembers Icon80NaN
16Roast rabbitMembers Icon73NaN
17Lean snail meatMembers Icon80NaN
18CodMembers Icon75NaN
18Wizard blizzardMembers Icon110NaN
19Dwarven stoutMembers Icon215NaN
20Short green guyMembers Icon120NaN
20Meat pie 110NaN
20Pike 80NaN
20CavefishMembers Icon23NaN
20Cup of teaMembers Icon52NaN
21Roast beast meatMembers Icon83NaN
21Pot of creamMembers Icon18NaN
22Fat snail meatMembers Icon95NaN
23Egg and tomatoMembers Icon50NaN
24Asgarnian aleMembers Icon248NaN
25Salmon 90NaN
25Stew 117NaN
25Fruit battaMembers Icon150NaN
26Toad battaMembers Icon152NaN
27Worm battaMembers Icon154NaN
28Vegetable battaMembers Icon156NaN
28Cooked sweetcornMembers Icon104NaN
28Cooked slimy eelMembers Icon95NaN
29Mud pieMembers Icon128NaN
30Tuna 100NaN
30Apple pie 130NaN
30Worm holeMembers Icon170NaN
30Cooked karambwanMembers Icon190NaN
32Drunk dragonMembers Icon160NaN
33Tetra 31NaN
33Choc saturdayMembers Icon170NaN
34Garden pieMembers Icon138NaN
35Veg ballMembers Icon175NaN
35Jug of wine 200NaN
35Plain pizza 143NaN
35Rainbow fishMembers Icon110NaN
37Blurberry specialMembers Icon180NaN
38Cave eelMembers Icon115NaN
38Pat of butterMembers Icon41NaN
39Dragon bitterMembers Icon347NaN
40Tangled toad's legsMembers Icon185NaN
40Lobster 120NaN
40Cake 180NaN
41Chilli potatoMembers Icon166NaN
41Cooked JubblyMembers Icon160NaN
42Chocolate bombMembers Icon190NaN
42Fried onionsMembers Icon60NaN
43BassMembers Icon130NaN
44Moonlight meadMembers Icon380NaN
45Swordfish 140NaN
45Meat pizza 169NaN
46Catfish 43NaN
46Fried MushroomsMembers Icon60NaN
47Fish pieMembers Icon164NaN
48CheeseMembers Icon64NaN
49Axeman's follyMembers Icon413NaN
50Cooked oomlie wrapMembers Icon30NaN
50Chocolate cake 210NaN
51Egg potatoMembers Icon196NaN
52Botanical pieMembers Icon180NaN
54Chef's delightMembers Icon413NaN
55Anchovy pizza 182NaN
57Mushroom & onionMembers Icon120NaN
58Pitta bread 40NaN
58Ugthanki kebab (fresh)Members Icon80NaN
59Slayer's respiteMembers Icon479NaN
60Mushroom pieMembers Icon200NaN
60CurryMembers Icon280NaN
62MonkfishMembers Icon150NaN
64Mushroom potatoMembers Icon271NaN
65Wine of zamorakMembers Icon200NaN
65Pineapple pizzaMembers Icon188NaN
67Tuna and cornMembers Icon204NaN
68Tuna potatoMembers Icon310NaN
70Admiral pieMembers Icon210NaN
70Admiral pieMembers Icon210NaN
72Sacred eel 109NaN
73Dragonfruit pieMembers Icon220NaN
80SharkMembers Icon210NaN
82Sea turtleMembers Icon211NaN
84AnglerfishMembers Icon230NaN
85Wild pieMembers Icon240NaN
90Dark crabMembers Icon215NaN
91Manta rayMembers Icon216NaN
95Summer pieMembers Icon260NaN

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