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This old school runescape magic calculator will help you plan your way from 1-99 magic with various osrs magic training methods
If you would like an in-depth guide for Magic we recommend osrsguides' Magic guide
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Experience remaining: 13,034,430

Experience Modifiers:

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1Wind Strike 6NaN
3Reanimate GoblinMembers Icon6NaN
3Confuse 13NaN
4Enchant Opal BoltMembers Icon9NaN
5Water Strike 8NaN
6Lumbridge Graveyard TeleportMembers Icon10NaN
7Lvl-1 Enchant 18NaN
7Enchant Sapphire BoltMembers Icon18NaN
7Reanimate MonkeyMembers Icon14NaN
7Lvl-1 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon14NaN
9Earth Strike 10NaN
11Weaken 21NaN
12Reanimate ImpMembers Icon24NaN
13Fire Strike 12NaN
14Enchant Jade BoltMembers Icon19NaN
15Bones to Bananas 25NaN
16Reanimate MinotaurMembers Icon32NaN
17Draynor Manor TeleportMembers Icon16NaN
17Wind Bolt 14NaN
19Reanimate ScorpionMembers Icon38NaN
19Curse 29NaN
20Bind 30NaN
21Low Level Alchemy 31NaN
21Reanimate BearMembers Icon42NaN
22Reanimate UnicornMembers Icon44NaN
23Water Bolt 17NaN
24Enchant Pearl BoltMembers Icon29NaN
25Varrock Teleport 35NaN
26Reanimate DogMembers Icon52NaN
27Lvl-2 Enchant 37NaN
27Enchant Emerald BoltMembers Icon37NaN
27Lvl-2 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon28NaN
28Mind Altar TeleportMembers Icon22NaN
29Enchant Topaz BoltMembers Icon33NaN
29Earth Bolt 20NaN
30Reanimate Chaos DruidMembers Icon60NaN
31Lumbridge Teleport 41NaN
33Telekinetic Grab 43NaN
34Respawn TeleportMembers Icon27NaN
35Fire Bolt 23NaN
37Reanimate GiantMembers Icon74NaN
37Falador Teleport 48NaN
39Crumble Undead 25NaN
40Salve Graveyard TeleportMembers Icon30NaN
40Reanimate OgreMembers Icon80NaN
40Teleport to HouseMembers Icon30NaN
41Wind Blast 26NaN
43Superheat Item 53NaN
43Reanimate ElfMembers Icon86NaN
45Camelot TeleportMembers Icon56NaN
46Reanimate TrollMembers Icon92NaN
47Water Blast 29NaN
48Fenkenstrain's Castle TeleportMembers Icon50NaN
49Lvl-3 Enchant 59NaN
49Enchant Ruby BoltMembers Icon59NaN
49Lvl-3 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon45NaN
50Iban BlastMembers Icon30NaN
50Smoke RushMembers Icon30NaN
50Magic DartMembers Icon30NaN
50SnareMembers Icon60NaN
51Ardougne TeleportMembers Icon61NaN
52Reanimate HorrorMembers Icon104NaN
52Shadow RushMembers Icon31NaN
53Earth Blast 32NaN
54Paddewwa TeleportMembers Icon64NaN
55High Level Alchemy 65NaN
56Charge Water OrbMembers Icon56NaN
56Blood RushMembers Icon33NaN
57Enchant Diamond BoltMembers Icon67NaN
57Lvl-4 Enchant 67NaN
57Reanimate KalphiteMembers Icon114NaN
57Lvl-4 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon51NaN
58Watchtower TeleportMembers Icon68NaN
58Ice RushMembers Icon34NaN
59Fire Blast 35NaN
60Senntisten TeleportMembers Icon70NaN
60Claws of GuthixMembers Icon35NaN
60Flames of ZamorakMembers Icon35NaN
60Saradomin StrikeMembers Icon35NaN
60Charge Earth OrbMembers Icon70NaN
60Bones to PeachesMembers Icon65NaN
61West Ardougne TeleportMembers Icon68NaN
61Trollheim TeleportMembers Icon68NaN
62Reanimate DagannothMembers Icon124NaN
62Smoke BurstMembers Icon36NaN
62Wind WaveMembers Icon36NaN
63Charge Fire OrbMembers Icon73NaN
64Shadow BurstMembers Icon37NaN
64Teleport Ape AtollMembers Icon74NaN
65Bake PieMembers Icon60NaN
65Harmony Island TeleportMembers Icon74NaN
65Reanimate BloodveldMembers Icon130NaN
65GeomancyMembers Icon60NaN
65Water WaveMembers Icon38NaN
66Charge Air OrbMembers Icon76NaN
66Cure PlantMembers Icon60NaN
66Kharyrll TeleportMembers Icon76NaN
66VulnerabilityMembers Icon76NaN
66Monster ExamineMembers Icon61NaN
67NPC ContactMembers Icon63NaN
68Blood BurstMembers Icon39NaN
68Cure OtherMembers Icon65NaN
68Lvl-5 EnchantMembers Icon78NaN
68Enchant Dragonstone BoltMembers Icon78NaN
68HumidifyMembers Icon65NaN
68Lvl-5 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon58NaN
69Teleport to KourendMembers Icon82NaN
69Moonclan TeleportMembers Icon66NaN
69Reanimate TzHaarMembers Icon138NaN
70Earth WaveMembers Icon40NaN
70Ice BurstMembers Icon40NaN
70Tele Group MoonclanMembers Icon67NaN
71Cemetery TeleportMembers Icon82NaN
71Cure MeMembers Icon69NaN
71Hunter KitMembers Icon70NaN
71Ourania TeleportMembers Icon69NaN
72Lassar TeleportMembers Icon82NaN
72Reanimate DemonMembers Icon144NaN
72Waterbirth TeleportMembers Icon71NaN
73Tele Group WaterbirthMembers Icon72NaN
73EnfeebleMembers Icon83NaN
74Teleother LumbridgeMembers Icon84NaN
74Smoke BlitzMembers Icon42NaN
74Cure GroupMembers Icon74NaN
75Stat SpyMembers Icon76NaN
75Barbarian TeleportMembers Icon76NaN
75Fire WaveMembers Icon43NaN
76Tele Group BarbarianMembers Icon77NaN
76Shadow BlitzMembers Icon43NaN
76Spin FlaxMembers Icon75NaN
77Superglass MakeMembers Icon78NaN
78Tan LeatherMembers Icon81NaN
78Khazard TeleportMembers Icon80NaN
78Dareeyak TeleportMembers Icon88NaN
78Resurrect CropsMembers Icon90NaN
78Reanimate AviansieMembers Icon156NaN
79EntangleMembers Icon89NaN
79Tele Group KhazardMembers Icon81NaN
79DreamMembers Icon82NaN
80ChargeMembers Icon180NaN
80Blood BlitzMembers Icon45NaN
80StunMembers Icon90NaN
80String JewelleryMembers Icon83NaN
81Stat Restore Pot ShareMembers Icon84NaN
81Wind SurgeMembers Icon45NaN
82Teleother FaladorMembers Icon92NaN
82Magic ImbueMembers Icon86NaN
82Ice BlitzMembers Icon46NaN
83Fertile SoilMembers Icon87NaN
83Barrows TeleportMembers Icon90NaN
84Carrallangar TeleportMembers Icon82NaN
84Boost Potion ShareMembers Icon88NaN
85Reanimate Abyssal CreatureMembers Icon170NaN
85Water SurgeMembers Icon47NaN
85Fishing Guild TeleportMembers Icon89NaN
85Tele Block 80NaN
85Teleport to Bounty TargetMembers Icon45NaN
86Smoke BarrageMembers Icon48NaN
86Tele Group Fishing GuildMembers Icon90NaN
86Plank MakeMembers Icon90NaN
87Catherby TeleportMembers Icon92NaN
87Lvl-6 EnchantMembers Icon97NaN
87Enchant Onyx BoltMembers Icon97NaN
87Lvl-6 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon72NaN
88Shadow BarrageMembers Icon48NaN
88Tele Group CatherbyMembers Icon93NaN
89Ice Plateau TeleportMembers Icon96NaN
89Recharge DragonstoneMembers Icon98NaN
90Annakarl TeleportMembers Icon100NaN
90Earth SurgeMembers Icon49NaN
90Tele Group Ice PlateauMembers Icon99NaN
90Teleother CamelotMembers Icon100NaN
90Ape Atoll TeleportMembers Icon100NaN
91Energy TransferMembers Icon100NaN
92Blood BarrageMembers Icon51NaN
92Heal OtherMembers Icon101NaN
93Vengeance OtherMembers Icon108NaN
93Lvl-7 EnchantMembers Icon110NaN
93Reanimate DragonMembers Icon186NaN
93Lvl-7 Enchant (MTA)Members Icon88NaN
94Ice BarrageMembers Icon52NaN
94VengeanceMembers Icon112NaN
95Heal GroupMembers Icon124NaN
95Fire SurgeMembers Icon51NaN
96Ghorrock TeleportMembers Icon106NaN
96Spellbook SwapMembers Icon130NaN

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