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This old school runescape construction calculator will help you plan your way from 1-99 construction with various osrs construction training methods
If you would like an in-depth guide for Construction we recommend osrsguides' Construction guide
iron man mode
Hardcore iron man mode
Ultimate iron man mode

Current Experience:

Target Experience:

Experience remaining: 13,034,430

Experience Modifiers:

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Members Iconis members only

1Exit portalMembers Icon100NaN
1PlankMembers Icon29NaN
1Teak plankMembers Icon90NaN
1Soft ClayMembers Icon10NaN
1Bolt of clothMembers Icon15NaN
1Steel barMembers Icon20NaN
1Limestone brickMembers Icon20NaN
1Gold leafMembers Icon300NaN
1Marble brickMembers Icon450NaN
1Magic stoneMembers Icon1,000NaN
1PlantMembers Icon31NaN
1Mahogany plankMembers Icon140NaN
1Oak plankMembers Icon60NaN
1Fern (big plant)Members Icon31NaN
1Short plantMembers Icon31NaN
1Dock leafMembers Icon31NaN
1Crude wooden chairMembers Icon58NaN
1Mahogany Homes - BeginnerMembers Icon500NaN
2Brown rugMembers Icon30NaN
2Torn curtainsMembers Icon132NaN
3Clay fireplaceMembers Icon30NaN
4Wooden bookcaseMembers Icon115NaN
5FirepitMembers Icon40NaN
5Cat blanketMembers Icon15NaN
5Decorative rockMembers Icon100NaN
5TreeMembers Icon31NaN
6Small fernMembers Icon70NaN
6ThistleMembers Icon70NaN
6BushMembers Icon70NaN
6Large leaf bushMembers Icon70NaN
6Wooden shelves 1Members Icon87NaN
7Pump and drainMembers Icon100NaN
7Beer barrelMembers Icon87NaN
8Wooden chairMembers Icon87NaN
9Wooden larderMembers Icon228NaN
10Wood dining tableMembers Icon115NaN
10PondMembers Icon100NaN
10Nice treeMembers Icon44NaN
10Wooden benchMembers Icon115NaN
11Firepit with hookMembers Icon60NaN
12ReedsMembers Icon100NaN
12FernMembers Icon70NaN
12Cider barrelMembers Icon91NaN
12Wooden shelves 2Members Icon147NaN
12Wood tableMembers Icon87NaN
12Huge plantMembers Icon100NaN
12Tall plantMembers Icon100NaN
13RugMembers Icon60NaN
14Rocking chairMembers Icon87NaN
15Imp statueMembers Icon150NaN
15Oak treeMembers Icon70NaN
16Oak decorationMembers Icon120NaN
17Firepit with potMembers Icon80NaN
18CurtainsMembers Icon225NaN
18Asgarnian aleMembers Icon184NaN
19Cat basketMembers Icon58NaN
19Oak chairMembers Icon120NaN
20Wooden bedMembers Icon117NaN
20Shoe boxMembers Icon58NaN
20Mahogany Homes - NoviceMembers Icon1,250NaN
21Shaving standMembers Icon30NaN
22Oak tableMembers Icon240NaN
22Oak benchMembers Icon240NaN
23Wooden shelves 3Members Icon147NaN
24Small ovenMembers Icon80NaN
25Oak clockMembers Icon142NaN
26Oak armchairMembers Icon180NaN
26Greenman's aleMembers Icon184NaN
26Rope bell-pullMembers Icon64NaN
27Pump and tubMembers Icon200NaN
27Oak drawersMembers Icon120NaN
27Oak staircaseMembers Icon680NaN
29Oak bookcaseMembers Icon180NaN
29Large ovenMembers Icon100NaN
29Oak shaving standMembers Icon61NaN
30Willow treeMembers Icon100NaN
30Oak bedMembers Icon210NaN
31Carved oak benchMembers Icon240NaN
31Carved oak tableMembers Icon360NaN
32Oak kitchen tableMembers Icon180NaN
32Boxing ringMembers Icon420NaN
33Oak larderMembers Icon480NaN
33Cushioned basketMembers Icon58NaN
33Stone fireplaceMembers Icon40NaN
34Steel rangeMembers Icon120NaN
34Oak shelves 1Members Icon240NaN
34Glove rackMembers Icon120NaN
34Large oak bedMembers Icon330NaN
35Teak armchairMembers Icon180NaN
35King Arthur portraitMembers Icon211NaN
35Elena portraitMembers Icon211NaN
35Giant Dwarf portraitMembers Icon211NaN
36Dragon bitterMembers Icon224NaN
36Teak decorationMembers Icon180NaN
37Bell-pullMembers Icon120NaN
37Oak dresserMembers Icon121NaN
38Teak benchMembers Icon360NaN
38Teak tableMembers Icon360NaN
38Small mapMembers Icon211NaN
39Oak wardrobeMembers Icon180NaN
40Teak bedMembers Icon300NaN
40Mahogany bookcaseMembers Icon420NaN
40Oak lecternMembers Icon60NaN
40Opulent curtainsMembers Icon315NaN
41Fencing ringMembers Icon570NaN
41GlobeMembers Icon180NaN
42Fancy rangeMembers Icon160NaN
42Crystal ballMembers Icon280NaN
42Mounted siverlightMembers Icon187NaN
42Mounted excaliburMembers Icon194NaN
42Mounted darklightMembers Icon202NaN
42Oak magic wardrobeMembers Icon240NaN
43Alchemical chartMembers Icon30NaN
43Teak larderMembers Icon750NaN
44Wooden telescopeMembers Icon121NaN
44Weapons rackMembers Icon180NaN
44Carved teak benchMembers Icon360NaN
44Lumbridge LandscapeMembers Icon314NaN
44The desert LandscapeMembers Icon314NaN
44Morytania LandscapeMembers Icon314NaN
44Karamja LandscapeMembers Icon314NaN
44Isafdar LandscapeMembers Icon314NaN
44Oak fancy dress boxMembers Icon120NaN
45Oak shelves 2Members Icon240NaN
45Carved teak tableMembers Icon600NaN
45Large teak bedMembers Icon480NaN
45Maple treeMembers Icon122NaN
45Oak altarMembers Icon240NaN
45Steel torchesMembers Icon40NaN
45Gnome child iconMembers Icon100NaN
46Teak dresserMembers Icon181NaN
46Oak armour caseMembers Icon180NaN
47SinkMembers Icon300NaN
47Eagle lecternMembers Icon120NaN
47Demon lecternMembers Icon120NaN
47Mounted mythical capeMembers Icon370NaN
47Mounted cape of legends capeMembers Icon300NaN
47Anti-dragon shieldMembers Icon280NaN
47Amulet of gloryMembers Icon290NaN
48Chef's delightMembers Icon224NaN
48Teak staircaseMembers Icon980NaN
48Oak treasure chestMembers Icon120NaN
48Guthix symbolMembers Icon120NaN
48Saradomin symbolMembers Icon120NaN
48Zamorak symbolMembers Icon120NaN
49Wooden torchesMembers Icon58NaN
49WindchimesMembers Icon323NaN
49Small statueMembers Icon40NaN
49Shuttered windowMembers Icon228NaN
50Teak portalMembers Icon270NaN
50Mahogany armchairMembers Icon280NaN
50Ornamental globeMembers Icon270NaN
50Teleport focusMembers Icon40NaN
50Oak toy boxMembers Icon120NaN
50Mahogany Homes - AdeptMembers Icon2,250NaN
50Teak altarMembers Icon360NaN
51Teak drawersMembers Icon180NaN
51Combat ringMembers Icon630NaN
51Carved oak magic wardrobeMembers Icon360NaN
52Teak kitchen tableMembers Icon270NaN
52Mahogany benchMembers Icon560NaN
52Mahogany tableMembers Icon840NaN
534-posterMembers Icon450NaN
53Steel candlesticksMembers Icon124NaN
54Extra weapons rackMembers Icon440NaN
54Elemental sphereMembers Icon580NaN
54Oak cape rackMembers Icon240NaN
55Miscellanians portraitMembers Icon311NaN
55Teak clockMembers Icon202NaN
56Gilded decorationMembers Icon1,020NaN
56Fancy teak dresserMembers Icon182NaN
56Teak shelves 1Members Icon330NaN
56Cloth altarMembers Icon390NaN
57Teak eagle lecternMembers Icon180NaN
57Teak demon lecternMembers Icon180NaN
57Gold candlesticksMembers Icon46NaN
58Medium mapMembers Icon451NaN
58BellsMembers Icon480NaN
59Lunar globeMembers Icon570NaN
59Guthix iconMembers Icon960NaN
59Saradomin iconMembers Icon960NaN
59Zamorak iconMembers Icon960NaN
60Gilded 4-posterMembers Icon1,330NaN
60Posh bell-pullMembers Icon420NaN
60Yew treeMembers Icon141NaN
60Teak magic wardrobeMembers Icon360NaN
60Mahogany altarMembers Icon590NaN
61Gilded benchMembers Icon1,760NaN
61Oak incense burnersMembers Icon280NaN
62Teak fancy dress boxMembers Icon180NaN
63Teak wardrobeMembers Icon270NaN
63Marble fireplaceMembers Icon500NaN
63Astronomical chartMembers Icon45NaN
63Teak cape rackMembers Icon360NaN
64Teak telescopeMembers Icon181NaN
64Mahogany dresserMembers Icon281NaN
64Teak armour caseMembers Icon270NaN
64Limestone altarMembers Icon910NaN
65Mahogany portalMembers Icon420NaN
65Greater teleport focusMembers Icon500NaN
65Opulent rugMembers Icon360NaN
65Restoration poolMembers Icon706NaN
65Zen themeMembers Icon474NaN
65Topiary bushMembers Icon181NaN
65Mahogany incense burnersMembers Icon600NaN
66Crystal of powerMembers Icon890NaN
66Teak garden benchMembers Icon540NaN
66Teak treasure chestMembers Icon180NaN
67Limestone spiral staircaseMembers Icon1,040NaN
67Teak shelves 2Members Icon930NaN
67Mahogany demon lecternMembers Icon580NaN
67Mahogany eagle lecternMembers Icon580NaN
68Celestial globeMembers Icon570NaN
68Teak toy boxMembers Icon180NaN
69Carved teak magic wardrobeMembers Icon540NaN
69Marble incense burnersMembers Icon1,600NaN
69OrganMembers Icon680NaN
69Medium statueMembers Icon500NaN
69Decorative windowMembers Icon4NaN
70Revitalisation poolMembers Icon850NaN
70Dungeon entranceMembers Icon500NaN
70Mahogany Homes - ExpertMembers Icon2,750NaN
70Marble altarMembers Icon1,030NaN
71Ranging pedestalsMembers Icon720NaN
71Bob iconMembers Icon1,160NaN
72Mahogancy cape rackMembers Icon560NaN
72Opulent tableMembers Icon3,100NaN
72Mounted xeric's talismanMembers Icon500NaN
72Marble portal nexusMembers Icon2,000NaN
74Oak doorMembers Icon600NaN
74Gilded dresserMembers Icon582NaN
75Redwood fenceMembers Icon240NaN
75Spirit treeMembers Icon350NaN
75Otherworldly themeMembers Icon316NaN
75Mahogany wardrobeMembers Icon420NaN
75Magic treeMembers Icon223NaN
75Gilded altarMembers Icon2,230NaN
77Gnome benchMembers Icon840NaN
77Armillary globeMembers Icon960NaN
78Large mapMembers Icon591NaN
78Mahogany magic wardrobeMembers Icon560NaN
79Marble wallMembers Icon4,000NaN
80Rejuvenation poolMembers Icon900NaN
80ObeliskMembers Icon3,000NaN
80Mahogany fancy dress boxMembers Icon280NaN
80Marble portalMembers Icon1,500NaN
80Scrying poolMembers Icon2,000NaN
80Ancient altarMembers Icon1,490NaN
80Lunar altarMembers Icon1,957NaN
80Dark altarMembers Icon3,888NaN
80Mounted emblemMembers Icon5,300NaN
80Mounted coinsMembers Icon800NaN
80Cape hangerMembers Icon800NaN
80Quest listMembers Icon310NaN
81Gilded cape rackMembers Icon860NaN
81Balance beamMembers Icon1,000NaN
81Basic jewellery boxMembers Icon605NaN
82Marble staircaseMembers Icon3,200NaN
82Mahogancy armour caseMembers Icon420NaN
82Mounted digsite pendantMembers Icon800NaN
82Gilded portal nexusMembers Icon2,600NaN
83Obsidian fenceMembers Icon2,741NaN
83Infernal chartMembers Icon60NaN
83Mahogany adventure logMembers Icon504NaN
84Mahogany treasure chestMembers Icon280NaN
84Mahogany telescopeMembers Icon281NaN
85Fancy rejuvenation poolMembers Icon1,950NaN
85Fairy ringMembers Icon535NaN
85Volcanic themeMembers Icon4,464NaN
85Gilded clockMembers Icon602NaN
86Mahogany toy boxMembers Icon280NaN
86Small orreryMembers Icon1,320NaN
86Fancy jewellery boxMembers Icon1,350NaN
87Gilded magic wardrobeMembers Icon860NaN
87Gilded wardrobeMembers Icon720NaN
87Boss lair displayMembers Icon1,483NaN
88Marble decorative benchMembers Icon3,000NaN
88Gilded adventure logMembers Icon1,100NaN
89Large statueMembers Icon1,500NaN
89Stained glassMembers Icon5NaN
90Ornate rejuvenation poolMembers Icon3,107NaN
90Marble cape rackMembers Icon500NaN
90Occult altarMembers Icon3,445NaN
91Ornate jewellery boxMembers Icon2,680NaN
92Crystalline portal nexusMembers Icon2,600NaN
93Marble adventure logMembers Icon1,160NaN
95Spirit tree & fairy ringMembers Icon885NaN
95Large orreryMembers Icon1,420NaN
96Marble magic wardrobeMembers Icon500NaN
97Marble spiral staircaseMembers Icon4,400NaN
98Obsidian decorative benchMembers Icon2,331NaN
99Magical cape rackMembers Icon1,000NaN

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