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Hiscore integration

We have now released a new feature that will be used in all future tools: hiscore integration, this will allow you to quickly retrieve your skills from the OSRS hiscores to save you filling in any details about your account!

Also, we will save the name you input into this for future so when you return to the site or go to other tools it will automatically be input to give you a better experience when browsing the site and our various tools!

We've gone back and added this to our current tools the BIS finder and combat calculator so far but will be adding this to all future tools that require any skill levels to be input.

Although there are some issues as the hiscores service has been very temperamental the past few months, we've done our best to provide a good user experience!

Iroman Hiscores too!

We have now implemented additional hiscores, including ironman, hardcore ironman and ultimate ironman!

Ironmen hiscores

Try Now

Give the new feature a test in either the combat calculator: https://osrstoolkit.com/calculators/combat or the bis finder: https://osrstoolkit.com/best-in-slot-finder

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